How your website will work

  • Industry standard WordPress as the core foundation keep your site fast, reliable and mobile ready
  • Fully connected to Google services like Analytics, Search Console and Google My Business to make sure customers easily find you
  • SEO friendly to get you listed higher in Google search results
  • Frustration-free hosting with our in-house plans or we can “hand you the keys” to your website to set it up on another hosting platform
  • Free domain name registration and custom emails with your new site

How your website will reflect your style & fit your needs

  • We’ll help you pick out color palettes, images and other content to craft the look and feel of your website
  • We’ll also setup any contact forms, appointment schedulers, custom image galleries, ecommerce online stores and other features that will make your website do exactly what you want
  • We’ll set up a blog and sync your website with your social media channels so your customers stay tuned in to what your company is doing
  • Your website will clearly communicate your brand messaging

Ready to Start?

Make an appointment to chat about your new website

How your website will keep your info and customers safe

  • Peace of mind for you and your customers with free and upgraded SSL certificates for data encryption
  • Frustrate the spam bots and hackers with login page masking and lockouts after too many attempts
  • Increased security with two-factor authentication for you and approved users
  • Lock out automated hacking attempts with spam IP address blocking
  • Up to date and well-supported plugins to make the most of security updates
  • Additional security available such as premium security plugins, upgraded SSL certificates, web application firewalls and custom security solutions.

Supporting your website going forward with our Care Plans

  • We offer in-house hosting plans and free annual domain name renewal
  • Continuous security monitoring
  • Installing and troubleshooting updates to WordPress core files, themes and plugins
  • Tech support and training for any adjustments you perform on your website
  • Ongoing use of premium paid plugins and themes
  • Regular website audits with emailed reports with site metrics and analytics so you know exactly how your site is performing
  • SEO updates for competition research, keywords and other suggestions to succeed in your market
  • Uptime monitoring. We’ll know immediately if your site goes down and we’ll have backups ready to run while we troubleshoot what happened

Let’s get started!

Already have a website you want redesigned or updated?

Great! We can help with that as well.

We can optimize a WordPress site, add an ecommerce store, or help you completely redesign the site using the content from your current site.

Since every website is set up differently we’ll need to chat to come up with a specific plan for your website update.

We are a web design company in Gainesville, FL. We help small business owners regain time spent on their websites by creating and managing frustration-free websites.

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